Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS)
Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS)
Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS)
Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS)
Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS)
Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS)
Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS)

Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS)

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Size Diameter Branch
Small 2 inches 0 - 0.25 inch
Medium 3.5 inches 0.25 -0.5 inch
Large 5 inches 0.5 -1.5 inch


Plant Root Growth Box – brogrowshop

Plant Root Growing Box was created especially with the cutting globe design, it can help your cuttings get stronger roots and thus reproduce more mature plants faster than normal Spread method.

Plant propagation agent - using the ancient method of air stratification, that is, the roots are directly grown on the branches to replicate existing plants and produce new plants. It also applies to indoor and outdoor plants, such as roses, climbers, trees, fruit trees, fruit trees, and difficult-to-root plants such as magnolia and camellia.

No damage – it does not damage the parent plant at all, because it only uses a small branch on the plant you want to clone, so there is little interference, nor will it interfere with the natural growth of the plant.

Safety locks – designed with plugs and corner locks that interlock with each other and are fixed to the branches to secure the spreader in place, even if there are no rods underneath. but you A plastic cable tie can be used to securely fix the case.

Reusable – The breeding shell is durable and can be used repeatedly, so you can clone more plants according to your preferences.

Instructions – Instructions on how to use the Plant Root Growing Box + other tips & tricks are located at the bottom of the order confirmation email. 

Plant Root Growth Box – brogrowshop

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Leonard U.
United States United States
Root balls exceed expectations

Saw an ad for your rootballs and thought I'd take a chance. Upon receipt I found them to be even higher quality than I anticipated. So glad I gave you a try. Billing, shipping, and everything was outstanding. Thanks.

United States United States
Great quality and super fast shipping

Everything is good, anxious to try it out. Regarding the time of the year to get the best results, is it just in the Spring when tree is actively growing or anytime through Fall? Thank you!


Hi Patrice, Thanks for the feedback! This process can be done from late winter through spring. You can even go into early summer, depending on your climate zone. It is beneficial to know your plant type compatibility with air layering in order to achieve optimal results.

Cheryl B.
United States United States
Cut branches?

I just purchased my products. Prior to putting them onto the branches of a rose of sharon, my brother cut it down. Do you think the globes will still work?


Hi Cheryl, No worries! Hibiscuses are one of the easiest plants to propagate using this method. When attempting to replant, pick a mature and healthy branch that is about the width of a pencil.

Ragnar B.
United States United States

While pretty obvious on how to use these 'boxes', I would like directions.

Gardenia Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS) Review

Hi Ragnar! Thanks for the feedback. We are now sending out instructions with every order. You can find your copy attached to your order confirmation email.


Smooth transaction

Gardenia Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS) ReviewGardenia Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS) ReviewGardenia Plant Root Growing Box (3 PCS) Review